Final Group Project Dev Log – 23/02/2018

This week is the final week on this project, and this post marks the end of the rapid prototyping module.

I spent my time this week writing a report comparing Waterfall to Agile using my experiences from the last two rapid prototyping. I would have appreciated having more time to work on it, i know that it takes me a long time to write documents and i would normally take extra time however my week is already packed with the other modules i have a including the 24 hours a week i schedule to development work. It’s difficult to find time to work on these documents without compromising my other modules.

At times it feels very much like the written documents are expected to be completed in extra time; I can understand that this is common in a professional environment however in an educational environment, where there’s multiple projects running in parallel it becomes very stressful trying to keep on top of everything in such a way that you are not compromising any grades.

I spent about 4 hours adding the new artwork to the game as it came in so that it was in the final build. I did not plan a sprint this week so that i could finish the report, however, I did not feel like I could ignore this task and as i needed to submit a final build i did not want it to be missing the beautiful art my artist had created. I also disabled my Live banner advert as I could not successfully get test ads to display. I’m now using the Banner Ad id that google provides which only serves fake adverts.

Group Project Dev Log – 16/02/2018

This week I implemented Firebase Analytics into the project tracking metrics such as Session length, Score and via which route the player fails. I struggled somewhat with integration due to the Documentation and Getting Started guide being somewhat lacking in detail.

The Analytics task was estimated to take most of the week; it was an 8 point task, however, i managed tom complete it in a short amount of time allowing me to move quickly onto Integrating Google AdMob and add the banner ad. Unfortunately i have been unsuccessful setting up my phone as a test device so google is currently serving live ads because of this i will have to disable the live ads.

The essay on Development Management is consuming far more time than originally expecting, causing it to become a burden and risk on the project.

Artwork did not live up to my expectations as it came in, despite my careful planning I should have asked for one complete asset at a time (vertical slice) to review and give feedback to help steer art towards my vision in a more iterative approach. As more assets are completed i will be more careful to review and steer it in the right direction.

Moving forwards i will have to resolve the issue with ads so that i i can safely play-test the game without having to make a separate build with ads disabled. I now also know to allocate more time to writing tasks so that i do not find myself in the same situation again.

Group Project Dev Log – 09/02/2018

This week has been productive; all tasks have been completed on time and effective sprint planning and daily scrums have kept the project on track. Some tasks had underestimated story points assigned to them, an example would be Issue #26 as it took longer to complete than expected as i had wasted time attacking the problem from the wrong angle.

Feedback from the art doc was good, I am confident that my vision is well defined in the Style Guide and that the asset list is concise. No art has been completed this week due to time constraints on the artist however it is scheduled to be completed over the weekend.

I worked on fixing/completing the Loop Detection code, Previously it was inconsistent and unfair however now it works better and allows for a the grace period to be after the song too, allowing the player to be slightly late and still register the tap as looping.

Next week I will be continuing the daily scrums with my course leader (producer), I will be adding in the new artwork as it rolls in. Top priority is starting the process of attaining the rights to use the music in the game. Finally I will be adding the analytics functionality into the project as well as implementing Ads.

Sprint 3


Group Project Dev Log – 06/02/2018

This week I found an artist interested in working on the game so I started both a Visual Design Document and Asset list for her to work on.

Now I have a better idea of what I would like the game together I have created a new scene with placeholder artwork ready to replace with the final artwork when it rolls in.

Next Week I am continuing to work on the Visual Design Document / Asset List and finishing the User Stories on the Core Game Loop.

Sprint 2