Group Project 3

Last week lots of focus was put into getting an IOS build up and running. It was very time consuming as the Mac not only needed to update but it was running painfully slow, so installing the various tools took a very long time. It didn’t help that i needed ro reinstall Unity a few times as i initially had the wrong version, after that i had to reinstall once again as i could not get the IOS build package to install.

Following the trouble with getting everything installed, i spent the next few hours banging my head against the wall trying to build the XCode project using my free Apple ID. I was following this guide by Unity however the errors and buttons that the guide said should appear were not there for me and upon searching for the errors i was getting, all that i could find was posts made many years ago informing me that i needed to purchase a developer lisence (which the guide said was not needed for a test build).

The trouble i’ve had up until now regarding an IOS release has caused a lot of stress and i am now considering, for the sake of the game, no longer releasing on IOS and bringing forward either the android or PC releases.

I also swapped my Group project work on wednesday with my ILP work from thursday as i had recently been talking about shaders with one of my lecturers and i felt that it would be better for me to work on that while it was fresh on my mind and to finish the sprint the next day.

This week i will not be running a sprint as per my usual week so that i can focus on my written work. I am aware that this is a sizeable chunk of valuable time to be missing from the project, especially as i am now working on the polishing phase but i know from past experience that due to my learning disabilities that i need to allocate more time to written assignments and as the deadline approaches i feel it is more important to get a head start elsewhere so that i do not sacrifice marks on my other modules. I will however be playtesting the latest build at this week’s Ipswich Game Developer Meetup; If you are coming along i would love to get your feedback.

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