Group Project 2

Development went well this week, I have adjusted my sprint to run from monday to wenesday as I no longer need to work on Visual Scripting on Tuesday.

The UX changes I have made are small however they really make the game look and feel miles better than before and I now have the correct rights to the fonts in the game.

I also wrote a questionnaire for playtesters to give feedback on, I have learned that as i am in a university that questionnaires must be vetted by a Research Ethics board so that is being dealt with today to assure that my form is OK.

Somewhat worryingly I have previously written feedback questionnaires during my BA here and I and my classmates had not been aware of this, i am unsure of whether this is a big problem but i do now know this is the case and how to get it to the board.

Next week I will be adding analytics back in, using Google Firebase. I will also be working on more UX improvements as well as continuing to work on the IOS build.


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