Individual Learning – Vertex Displacement

Last week I wrote a vertex displacement shader that uses a heightmap to displace vertices on a mesh. I managed to get a simple terrain example working very quickly by using an existing heightmap downloaded from google Images.

Here’s what it looks like with a standard plane:


I also created a higher resolution plane in Max to get this more detailed look. It is probably possible to use Tessellation to get the same result at runtime.


Following this i decided to experiment with Unity’s Perlin noise function using what I had learned from creating my own procedurally generated terrain in Monogame. It’s not a very practical approach to terrain generation but it was interesting to experiment with. I also added some colour and a water plane.


I had some trouble with the noise generation as I discovered Unity’s perlin noise function returns the same value at integer values but after i added some values to tweak the scale I was using floats anyway. I also had an issue where the texture didn’t appear to generate as I was getting no displacement or colour on the plane, this however was because I had forgotten to call Texture.Apply() after setting the pixels.

It would be interesting to explore the use of tessellation to skip having to create a pre-subdivided mesh.

Heightmap available here.

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