Visual Scripting – UI Implementation

This week I added Menu to the tool so that the user can configure various Generation settings with sliders and such, the settings are:

  • Seed
  • Maximum Slope
  • Snowy biome height
  • Water Height
  • Tree Density

It is a little slow to generate as there is lots of room for optimisation however for demonstration purposes it’s fine.

Here is some footage of it working in the editor.

Most of my time getting it working was spent trying to communicate between the HUD blueprint and the Level blueprint I settled on having a reference to the HUD on the Camera object and searching for the camera in the level blueprint. From there I used an event dispatcher to allow the Menu Widget on the HUD to call the generate event. Figuring out how to set up the event dispatcher took a while as most of the forum posts explaining them would contain two screenshots of the node setup but not which blueprint should contain what.

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