Visual Scripting – Spawning Trees

This week I started actually spawning trees on my landscape instead of my debug cubes. I did this like before by using the position array and spawning one at each point, however I used the normals that I generated previously to determine the slope angle  (dot product of the normal and a vector pointing straight up) and only spawning the tree if the angle was less than a certain value

I have also included a water plane which determines the minimum height that the trees can be placed at.


There are now far fewer objects being spawned on the terrain so the performance is quite bearable while using a lower LOD, so i can now spawn the trees using a greater detail mesh meaning that the Forrest I can generate looks far more realistically dense.


Next I used the highest detail mesh to spawn the trees however i used a seeded Random number generator to only spawn a tree at 10% of the points. I also varied the sizes and orientations that the trees spawn at. All together this leads to a far more realistic and pleasing forest being generated.


I also created a Material for the terrain that applies either a grass or a stone texture depending on the current slope of the terrain. I did this both as an experiment but also so that it is easier to see where the trees should be spawning. It also has the added benefit of making it easier to see the shape of the terrain.


Going forward, I would like to use Noise to determine the tree distribution instead of what i am doing currently because random number generation can look unnatural whereas a noise algorithm such as value or Perlin noise will give a far more natural and configurable look.

As an experiment I implemented Terrain generation in Monogame using fractal value noise. This was useful as it allowed me to have an attempt at implementing a noise generator; Unreal Engine does not have a built in noise generator like other engines do so when i come to use noise for the tree distribution i already know how to implement it.


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