Group Project Dev Log – 09/02/2018

This week has been productive; all tasks have been completed on time and effective sprint planning and daily scrums have kept the project on track. Some tasks had underestimated story points assigned to them, an example would be Issue #26 as it took longer to complete than expected as i had wasted time attacking the problem from the wrong angle.

Feedback from the art doc was good, I am confident that my vision is well defined in the Style Guide and that the asset list is concise. No art has been completed this week due to time constraints on the artist however it is scheduled to be completed over the weekend.

I worked on fixing/completing the Loop Detection code, Previously it was inconsistent and unfair however now it works better and allows for a the grace period to be after the song too, allowing the player to be slightly late and still register the tap as looping.

Next week I will be continuing the daily scrums with my course leader (producer), I will be adding in the new artwork as it rolls in. Top priority is starting the process of attaining the rights to use the music in the game. Finally I will be adding the analytics functionality into the project as well as implementing Ads.

Sprint 3


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