I forgot to post this weeks ago…. silly me…

With all of the experience programming and Unity, I know how to do most tasks; For example adding in sound effects for jumping, that’s an easy task, i’ll stick that up on Jira as a 1hr task. Absolutely wrong, that’s going to take you longer while refactoring and rewriting old code, adding Headers, Tooltips and various Editor Attribute. That 1 hour task has actually taken you 3 hours despite your perfectly crafted plan and the experience of having done it a million times before. Just this week I was tasked with adding a squash and stretch animation set to an anthropomorphic square, six hours later I had made precisely 0 progress (minus finding out my approach was not the correct one).

What i’m trying to say is no matter your experience, you are always going to overscope even on the smallest of things. As Gabe Newell once said: “These things, they take time.”

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