Pink Fluffy Project Management

This week I have started development on my second rapid prototyping game, a gamification of a button app, I wondered what would happen if you gave a player a button that plays a music loop and then gave them points for looping it; This is the basis for the game I am currently creating.

This week (and last friday) has been mostly project planning and design, I already had a base prototype of the game which had the button, score and high score.

For this project i am using Agile and Scrum, I chose to use Github with the Zenhub plugin, this adds more agile functionality to Github’s existing issue tracking features.

Prior to this I had used Jira on my degree however I had never fully embraced Agile with things like Epics and even correctly writing user stories, Atlassian have a fantastic guide on Epics, stories, versions, and sprints which helped me to understand how i should be writing user stories, arranging them into Epics and Zenhub’s method of assigning abstract points to user stories as a way of gauging the complexity of tasks feels far sensible than purely working on time estimates for the entire project.

I have also designed the game in terms of user stories in place of writing a design doc, it was far more simple and allowed me to really quickly see the scope of the game as a whole and see what user stories should be converted to epics and more finely chopped up into smaller stories.

Here’s a list of resources I found useful when setting up the project from a management perspective:

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